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isolated doesn't have to mean alone

We're proud of the amazing community at Kidbrooke Village. Everyone is pulling together during tough times and helping each other out. We may have to remain isolated, but we don't have to be alone.

Now, more than ever, it's time for us to celebrate who we are and what makes Kidbrooke Village special.

That's why we're calling for all artists, aspiring or otherwise. You can be 5 or 95, or any age in between, we want you!

We want you to tell your story, of life in Kidbrooke Village during the lockdown. Has a helpful neighbour delivered shopping? Maybe you've learnt a new language? Perhaps you taught your parents how to dance the floss?

How does it work?

If you can do any of the below, send them to us and we'll share these on the Kidbrooke Village Community Facebook page.

Can you paint? Then paint a picture, any style, that shares how you feel, or of a moment that brought you joy from the last week.

Can you dance? Then record a video of your dance. Maybe you devised a new one last week. Maybe other residents will learn your dance too!

Can you sing? Is there a song that's got you through, or one you wrote recently? 

Can you write? A short story, inspired by current events, could inspire and entertain others. Maybe write a poem or a diary entry.

Can you craft? Maybe you're a knitter, or a sewer. Perhaps you make great toilet roll animals. Send us your pictures, or an instructional video and we'll get others making them too.

So much more! However you want to share your story, or inspire others, send it our way and we'll share it.

EMAIL TO: Remember to include your name and age!

An exhibition

When life returns to normal, we'll arrange an exhibition of the community art, in Kidbrooke Village. We'll display diary entries, videos, painting and dances that you shared with us. There'll be food, laughter, sunshine, and most importantly there'll be hugs!

We can't wait to see you there.

Until then, click the link below to view our online exhibition.

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